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Friday, July 16, 2010

More on budgeting...

I hate when it's payday Friday and after I work out my budget plan there is very little money left. However, it looks like this time I will have a little bit of "fun money" and that rules.
Here's what happened:

before paycheck: $51.48
after paycheck: $671.43
after saving: $378.15

Here are the bills that I need to pay with that $378.15:

Groceries: $100.00
Gas for car: $50.00
MLGW (utilities): $68.00

Bill that I will postpone until next paycheck:

Lawyer fee: $100.00

Thing that I really really want/almost need:

Haircut/style + tip: $50.00

Here's what's left: $110.15

I will try my very best to make sure that the majority of that $110.15 stays put until my next paycheck, two weeks away.

But things do come up. Possibilites include:

Stacey's birthday present: $20-$50
Dinner and a movie date: $50-$60
fast food lunch breaks: $10-$15
video renting: $5-$7

Plus, my next paycheck is going to be gone before I even blink (rent due the next day), so I really will need to carry over as much of the $110.15 as possible. I will have to prioritize the little "fun things" that I want to do this week.

Wow, I'm growing up.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Accomplishments...

I had another appointment with Bob yesterday.

He seems very pleased with my progress. So much so that at one point he suggested that we switch from every other week to having a monthly "check-in". I flipped out. Here is a tidbit of our conversation:

"But I'm still depressed!"
"Tell me what you mean by that."
"I still don't like myself or my life, and I'm not happy about things that would make a 'normal' person happy."
"Interesting. What don't you like about yourself?"
"I'm lazy, I procrastinate EVERYTHING, and I am incapable of finishing ANYTHING."

Bob asked me why I was like that. I said that I don't know why. He says that those are all definately symptoms of depression, and that at some point in the future we may discuss antidepressants, but for now we will continue sessions every other week.

He gave me some more advice about how to stay focused at work, including to always start with the boring stuff. Then reward myself for completing the dull tasks with completing the tasks that I somewhat enjoy. Also, work on limiting my internet time by using it as a reward system for completing certain amounts of work.

Now for the real reason of this post. Bob gave me an assignment. He said that since I said that I am incapable of finishing anything, I needed to be proven wrong. He wants me to make a list of all the things that I've accomplished in the last year. So, here goes:

1) I quit smoking, and stayed quit for an entire year.
2) I lost 40 pounds in a healthy way.
3) I realized that I could no longer deny my depression, and started seeing Bob.
4) I started, and have kept to, a budget.
5) I have saved over $2000 towards my future move to NYC.
6) I have resolved my relationship issues with Stacey, and we are officially a happy couple again!
7) I started seeing my Goddaughter on a regular basis, and am developing a close relationship with her.
8) ...?

Man, I was really hoping to find 10, but 7 will do for now.