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Friday, July 16, 2010

More on budgeting...

I hate when it's payday Friday and after I work out my budget plan there is very little money left. However, it looks like this time I will have a little bit of "fun money" and that rules.
Here's what happened:

before paycheck: $51.48
after paycheck: $671.43
after saving: $378.15

Here are the bills that I need to pay with that $378.15:

Groceries: $100.00
Gas for car: $50.00
MLGW (utilities): $68.00

Bill that I will postpone until next paycheck:

Lawyer fee: $100.00

Thing that I really really want/almost need:

Haircut/style + tip: $50.00

Here's what's left: $110.15

I will try my very best to make sure that the majority of that $110.15 stays put until my next paycheck, two weeks away.

But things do come up. Possibilites include:

Stacey's birthday present: $20-$50
Dinner and a movie date: $50-$60
fast food lunch breaks: $10-$15
video renting: $5-$7

Plus, my next paycheck is going to be gone before I even blink (rent due the next day), so I really will need to carry over as much of the $110.15 as possible. I will have to prioritize the little "fun things" that I want to do this week.

Wow, I'm growing up.

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