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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet Bob.

Bob is my therapist. I see him every other Monday right after work.

Last night we talked about my relationship with Stacey and how I'm doing at my job.

I told him that Stacey and I have never been better, and that is true. We had a rough patch a couple of weeks ago (long story short: I broke up with him, then went back when I realized how much I really DO love him and how badly I didn't want to be without him, and after a loooooooong talk about why we drifted apart and the changes that could be made to get us back on track... trust me, that really is the short version!).

Relationships are hard. They take work. Even good relationships take work, because it's always going to be easier to be alone than live WITH someone else, no matter how much you love him/her. Compromise is something that I have to do a LOT. I won't always get my way (neither will he!), but will always find a way to be happy with a compromise. And sometimes there isn't a compromise that works for both of us, and that's when arguments happen. I think the key to a successful live-in relationship is to always try to see the other person's point of view. Also, "never go to bed angry" is a great rule.

Work? I told Bob about my problem with staying focused and on task. I told him that I'm worried that I am either more depressed an anxious than I thought I was, or that maybe I have undiagnosed ADD.

He gave me some great advice! Told me to find ways to make my job more challenging for me, because he says that it sounds like I am bored. I'm filled with anxiety about being behind, but I'm behind at work because I'm bored with the work itself. Which makes sense. Certainly makes me feel a bit better. "Not being challenged enough" sounds better than "too lazy to care".

So I'm working on it. One hour at a time. Every hour of good solid paperwork filing I will reward myself with either a break (hello blogs!) or a challenging computer task that I actually somewhat enjoy, like updating spreadsheets.

I love my therapist! Thanks, Bob.

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