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Monday, June 14, 2010

Project One, Day One

So far so good.

At work I have taken a half hour internet break instead of 15, but (assuming I get right back to work after this post) that is still a huge improvement! I've already gotten about half of my paper filing done, and that was just filing for 2 straight hours. At that rate I could be caught up on most of the filing by the end of the day.

At home? I did buy a vaccuum and a swiffer wet jet this weekend. (split the cost with Stacey, actually). I love them! My vaccuum cleaner is pink. It's the cutest thing ever! Also, it works. I'll see if I can find a picture of it... Found one! Isn't it adorable?! And yes, I did use both the vaccuum and the wet-jet this weekend, and am happy to say that the kitchen floor is no longer sticky and the carpet throughout the house looks like new.
I did some laundry yesterday, and that is the only sign of "the old me" in the living room. A stack of folded laundry is still sitting on the coffee table, waiting to be put away. Baby steps?
The real test will be the kitchen. If I can keep the kitchen clean for a week, I will know that I've changed. Here's hoping!

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