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Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Old Vices...

Well, everyone, I have to admit a couple of things to you.

1) I used to have eating disorders. (I had a couple of different ones. Most recently it was binge-eating.)
2) I used to be a smoker. (tobacco cigarettes only, people!)

I used food and cigarettes to hide my feelings from myself. And now those feelings have been up in front of me for almost a year.

And sometimes, it hurts.

Thank God for my family, my boyfriend, and my therapist. They have all really helped me with my struggle for sanity and my constant struggle with my past addictions.

Lately I've been craving excessive amounts of junk food and cigarettes. I need to ask myself why...? Because I haven't had either of my old vices in a long time, and now isn't the time to give into destructive temptations.

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